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About Louisville Clock RepairClock Parts

Louisville Clock Repair  has been established in Louisville for over 20 years. We are experts in restoration of antique fine timepieces, music boxes and automatons such as bird boxes and any winding mechanical amusement collectibles. Please browse in the different categories of clocks and automatons.

To view our clocks in action please visit the service page.

About Hunter

Hunter WorkingHunter has been repairing clocks since he was in High School.  He worked at a local clock repair shop for 10 years and decided he had a better more efficient way to clean and repair clocks so he went out on his own.  He has been running Louisville Clock Repair/Hunters Clock Repair since then.

His passion for antique and unusual clocks resounds around his shop with over 1000 clocks for sale.  Over his tenure in the clock business Hunter has seen or repaired just about every problem you could imagine.  He works on everything from simple battery operated wall clocks to large 200 year old Grandfather clocks.